St. Martinville to Fausse Point Loop

Lafayette Area in Louisiana
Lafayette Area
Type of Route
42 miles

This ride begins in historic St. Martinville and loops eastward past Lake Dautrieve to Lake Fausse Point State Park, 6,000 acres near what once was the home site of the Chitimacha Indians. The park, at the edge of a beautiful water wilderness, is a perfect point from which to explore the natural and cultural heritage of South Louisiana. Combine your wilderness adventure with a tour of nearby historic areas such as the city of St. Martinville and Longfellow-Evangeline State Historic Site, which interprets history of French-speaking cultures along Bayou Teche by comparing life on an 1800s French Creole Plantation to typical Acadian farmsteads.

The nearby St. Martinville Cultural Heritage Center houses the African American Museum and the Museum of the Acadian Memorial, which honors the 3,000 Acadian exiles who took refuge in Louisiana. Just outside of St. Martinville is Oak and Pine Alley, once the setting of an elaborate wedding that has become the stuff of legend. For a shorter tour, take the nine-mile St. Martinville to Oak and Pine Alley to Evangeline State Historic Site route.

Start: Evangeline Oak on Bayou Teche - St. Martinville to Fausse Point State Park at Evangeline Oak. Go north on Rue du Nouveau Marche to Bridge Street.

0.05 Right on Bridge Street and cross Bayou Teche. You will be on Hwy. 96.

1.5 Right on Hwy 345.

6.7 Left on Hwy. 679 at blue boat.

9.7 Right on Hwy. 3083 in Coteau Holmes. There is a small grocery store/bait shop in Coteau Holmes.

13.7 Right on Levee Road.

NOTE: If you are not from Louisiana, a levee is a dike. You might want to ride your bike a short way on the levee so you can view a tiny part of the Atchafalaya Basin.

Note: The Atchafalaya Basin is 18 miles wide and 100 miles long. It starts near Simmesport in the north and goes to Morgan City in the south. It is a floodplain that is ringed with levees. These levees protect South Louisiana from flooding. A portion of the waters of the Mississippi River is released into the Atchafalaya Basin through a lock system near Simmesport. Over the past 70 years, this lock system has kept the Mississippi River from its changing course. If the river changed course, Baton Rouge and New Orleans would lose their ports.

21.3 Entrance to Fausse Point State Park. The park has cabins, R.V. and tent campsites, canoes & kayaks for rent and maps on the campsites accessible only by boat from the park.

Start: Fausse Point to St. Martinville Via St. John, Fausse Point gate on Levee Road.

7.5 Left on Hwy 3083. Cross bridge.

11.5 Right on Hwy. 679 at T and stop sign in Coteau Holmes.

15.5 Right on Hwy. 96 at T and stop sign.

16.4 Left on St. John Field Road (EASILY MISSED!).

17.9 Left at T and stop sign on Hwy. 347 (across from St. John Sugar Mill).

20.5 Right on Hwy. 96 at T and stop sign in St. Martinville.

20.8 Cross Bayou Teche. Take an immediate left to go to the Evangeline Oak.