Plantation Tour No. 2 on the Great River Road

Type of Route
29.6 miles
Nearby Cities

You can begin your tour at the West Baton Rouge Museum in Port Allen. The museum offers an interesting look at a sugar planter's home and slave cabin, and you can watch a sugar mill at work. From there you’ll head northward along the west side of the Mississippi River. The route passes several plantation homes built in the 1700s and 1800s, including Monte Vista, Catherine and Smithfield plantations. Most are surrounded by lush fields of sugar cane.

Traffic should be light on most of the route, though it will increase as you enter New Roads. Take some time in this lovely community to see some of the historic buildings, have a meal at one of the excellent local restaurants and take in the scenery along beautiful False River, which once was a loop of the Mississippi and now is a hub for fishing, boating and other recreation.

Start: West Baton Rouge Museum on North Jefferson Avenue in Port Allen. 0.0 West Baton Rouge Museum 0.2 Right on Rosedale Road (North River Road). 0.5 Homestead Plantation Home built in 1915. 2.1 Remnants of plantation slave quarters. 3.1 Monte Vista Plantation built in 1859. 3.3 Go under Hwy. 190. 3.4 Lucky Louie’s Casino and Truck Stop Café. 7.0 Catherine Plantation built in 1790. 11.1 Orange Grove Store built in 1850 is an example of an authentic plantation commissary. People who lived and worked on nearby plantations came to the store for mail, supplies, food and household needs and as a meeting place for news and gossip. (closed) 11.5 Junction of Hwy. 620 and Hwy. 415. Continue North on Hwy. 415. 12.6 Smithfield Plantation built in 1875. 13.2 Schoommaker Home and Oak Grove. 15.6 Junction of Hwy. 985 and Hwy. 415. Continue on Hwy. 415. Traffic picks up here 20.5 Point Coupee Parish line. 22.5 Junction of Hwy 414 and Hwy.415. Continue on Hwy. 415. 28.0 Highway number changes to Hwy. 413. 28.8 New Roads City limits. 29.6 Downtown New Roads and Junction with Hwy. 1.