New Roads to Donaldsonville

Baton Rouge Area
Baton Rouge Area
Type of Route
81.6 miles

Beautiful homes and plantations line Highway 1 out of New Roads, including Parlange, a still-occupied 1750 French Colonial estate that sits just south of the Pointe Coupee Museum. More plantations lie along Highways 416 and 413 through the back roads of Iberville Parish, past marshy areas that are home to egrets and alligators.

After turning on Highway 411, you'll follow scenic Bayou Grosse Tete for about 20 miles, before turning on Highway 3066 along historic Bayou Plaquemine. Soon you will reach the Plaquemine Locks State Historic site, which overlooks the Mississippi River and serves as an interpretive center. From Plaquemine, follow the Great River Road alongside the Mississippi River levee. As you pass sugar cane fields and farmhouses, watch for groves of oak trees that surround plantation homes.

Nottoway, in White Castle, is one of the most spectacular of south Louisiana’s antebellum homes and worth a visit. In Donaldsonville, ride through the historic district, which harkens to days when the town was the capital of Louisiana.

Start: Intersection of Hwy. 1 and Hwy. 3131 in New Roads. Continue South on Hwy. 1.

3.7 Pointe Coupee Museum & Tourist Information.

4.0 Parlange Plantation is the most famous plantation in the New Roads area. It was built by the French Marquis de Ternant in 1750.

4.1 Straight on Hwy. 1 at traffic light.

8.1 Left on Hwy 416. Highway 1 goes right.

9.9 Continue straight on Hwy. 416.

10.1 Right on Hwy. 413

4.8 Cross Hwy. 190 in Erwinville. Continue on Hwy. 413.

19.0 Right on Hwy. 76.

23.6 Left on Hwy 411 at Rosedale. Do not cross Bayou Grosse Tete.

25.4 Texaco Food Mart & restaurant.

25.6 Go under interstate 10.

26.0 David's Cottage Cafe (good lunch stop) David's has plate lunches & sandwiches. They also offer B&B.

30.2 Right and go over Bayou Grosse Tete and then left on Hwy. 77.

39.6 Left on Hwy. 77 Cross Bayou Grosse Tete following MRT sign.

40.7 Right on Hwy. 3066. Cross Bayou Grosse Tete.

40.8 Left at T on Hwy. 3066 (Bayou Road). You'll be following Bayou Plaquemine until you reach the locks.

47.4 Cross Hwy. 1 in Plaquemine.

47.5 Cross Hwy. 1 again.

47.6 Cross Church Street.

47.7 Left at T at levee on Seminary Road.

47.8 Plaquemine Lock Tourist Information Center.

Note: To reach the Old Turnerville B& B, go to Hwy. 1 and turn right. Cross bridge. Take a right on Hwy. 988. Then take a right on Nadler Street. It's about 1/2 mile from the Plaquemine Locks to the Old Turnerville B&B.

Start: Plaquemine Lock Museum. Go to levee and turn right on Seminary Road.

0.4 Right on Fort Street.

0.5 Left on Eden Street. (Hwy. 75)

0.9 Left on Hwy. 75 toward Ferry Landing. Hwy. 75 is busy, so take extra care with this turn.

1.1 Follow Hwy. 405 to the right. You'll be following the levee along the Mississippi River.

13.0 Tally Ho Plantation

14.2 Nottoway Plantation and Bed and Breakfast.

15.7 Left at T on Hwy 405 in White Castle.

17.5 White Castle Ferry. Ferry runs in the morning and afternoons Monday-Friday.

23.2 Mulberry Grove Plantation.

26.0 Modeste

30.0 Left on Hwy. 1 at sugar mill following MRT sign.

33.3 Left on Railroad Ave in Donaldsonville.

33.8 Mississippi Street and Railroad Ave. Leman Brothers Store & Museum at corner in Donaldsonville.