New Iberia to Avery Island loop

New Iberia-Morgan City Area
New Iberia - Morgan City Area
Type of Route
25.5 miles

This trip is a must for lovers of Cajun cuisine, and in particular, spicy seasonings. A visit to Avery Island brings you to the Tabasco Factory and Country Store, home of the world’s most popular hot pepper sauce. Tour of the factory and enjoy a film on the history of Tabasco pepper sauce. Shop for Tabasco specialty items that include a range of sauces, crackers, jellies and clothing. And be sure to take time for the short ride through Jungle Gardens for close – but protected – views of alligators, nutria and thousands of egrets.

In New Iberia, you could round out your gustatory tour with a visit to the Konrico Rice Mill for a presentation on Cajun culture and a look at the packaging of rice and rice cakes. The Konrico Company Store has a great collection of local foods, T-shirts and music items.

Start: Bouligny Plaza on Main Street.

Bouligny Plaza on Main Street. Follow Main Street in direction of traffic. Stay in the left lane as your first turn will be left.

1.4 Left on Hwy. 677.

1.6 Right on Washington Street (don't cross railroad tracks).

2.8 Left on Hwy. 674 at T and stop sign and cross railroad tracks.

3.2 Continue straight ahead on Hwy. 3212 at stop sign.

5.7 Go under Hwy. 90 and continue on Frontage Road.

6.1 Cross Hwy. 3112 and continue on Frontage Road.

6.2 Right on L. Theriot Road (EASILY MISSED).

7.4 Cross Hwy. with care and continue straight ahead.

7.7 Left at T and stop sign on Jasper Road. Then take a right on Hazard Road at dead end sign.

9.1 Straight ahead at stop sign on Hazard Road.

9.2 Right at Y AND STOP SIGN on Lyndsey Road.

9.5 Right at stop sign in unnamed Road (Creighton Broussard).

10.3 Left on Reynella Road.

10.9 Cross railroad tracks.

11.1 Right at T and stop sign (Hwy. 329) unmarked at this point.

13.3 Entrance to Avery Island.


Avery Island gate.

1.9 Right on Adras (EASILY MISSED).

3.3 Left at T and stop sign on Adolph Road.

3.5 Right on Larson Road at T and stop sign.

3.8 Left on Port road at T and stop sign (The Port of Iberia manufactures off-shore oil rigs).

5.2 Left at T and stop sign on Lewis Street. Cross railroad tracks and then take an immediate right on Ernest Crochet Road.

6.0 Left at T and stop sign on Hwy. 83 (not marked at this point).

6.7 Cross Hwy. 90 with care and continue straight ahead on Jefferson Terrace Road all the way to Main Street in New Iberia.

9.7 Left on Main Street.

12.2 Bouligny Plaza.