Madisonville Loop

Type of Route
21 to 36 miles
Nearby Cities

You can choose a shorter route or opt to go farther north and west for a longer ride, or do a combination of the two routes for this trip. Madisonville is a picturesque town located on the Tchefuncte River. This quaint village offers appealing boutiques and antique shops, plus historical exhibits in the old courthouse and jail that now serves as the Madisonville Museum. The ride will take you along lovely country roads. You may encounter some traffic getting out of Madisonville, however, the town is small.

On the rural roads you’ll find the traffic is light. After you complete the loop back to Madisonville, enjoy a meal at one of the several restaurants that face Water Street. Or take a short jaunt east of town on Highway 22 to Fairview-Riverside State Park. You could enjoy a picnic beneath a canopy of huge oak trees, stop and camp overnight, or tour Otis House, a lovely 19th-century home.

Start: Water Street at Hwy. 22 and the bridge over the Tchefuncte River. Take Water Street North following the Tchefuncte River to Main Street.

0.2 Right on Main Street. (Hwy. 21).

0.6 Left on Johnson Street (one tenth of a mile past Piggly Wiggly)

1.8 Right on Galatas Road

2.6 Left on Dummy Line Road

4.1 Left on Brewster Road at T and Stop.

6.6 Right on Hwy. 1085 at T and Stop.

9.0 I 12 Overpass

10.2 Cross Hwy. 1077.

13.6 Right on Hwy. 21 South at traffic light.

14.5 McDonald’s (just before I 12).

14.8 Right on Brewster Road

16.5 At stop sign, continue straight ahead crossing Hwy. 1077.

17.5 Left on Dummy Line

18.9 Right on Galatas Road

19.7 Left on Old Ponchatoula Highway.

20.7 Right on Covington Highway.

21.3 Left on St. Joseph at JCT. 22 sign.

21.4 Water Street.