Kincaid Lake Trail

Alexandria Area
Alexandria Area
Type of Route
9 miles

Traveling from the east boat launch on the Lakeshore Trail, visitors will enjoy a hiking-biking trail that meanders near and away from the shoreline of Kincaid Lake. If you are the first visitor of the day, you may see many spider webs across the trail. This is especially noticeable while biking. Please respect private property borders because there are a few plots of private property near the trail. Lovely views of the lake, photo opportunities and wildlife encounters abound. Like all trails in Louisiana, caution must be exercised while traveling on trails due to the probable encounter of wildlife. Snakes and all wildlife should not be disturbed. Go out of your way to get past them or back away and wait until they pass. Other, shorter, trails are also available in this area. The Kincaid Lakeshore Trail starts at the east Kincaid boat launch and ends at the Lemotte Creek Trail. The Kincaid Trail starts at the pay station at the main entrance of the Kincaid Lake recreation complex and ends just past the Lemotte Creek trail at the junction of Kincaid Trail and the Wild Azalea Spur Trail. Closed as of 2019 due to storm damage. Check the website for trail updates.