The Hills of West Feliciana

Type of Route
35.6 miles
Nearby Cities

This loop has lots of small hills with a couple of huff-and-puff inclines. The roads are in good condition except for Jones Vaughn Creek Road, which has not been resurfaced. A small lake lies along this road. Near off Highway 965 you’ll see The Bluffs on Thompson Creek, a lovely setting with a nice restaurant. You’ll enjoy this ride as you work to get up a hill and then enjoy the thrill of careening down the other side.

Beautiful, sandy creeks greet you at the bottom of the hills. Some of them are inviting enough to entice you in for a swim or at least to rest and have a snack. There are no stores along the route, so bring plenty of water and snacks. Moving back toward St. Francisville you’ll have easy access to historic plantations in the area, including Audubon State Historic Site and Oakley House, The Myrtles and Butler Greenwood.

Start: Best Western St. Francisville on Hwy.61.

0.0 Best Western St. Francis Hotel on the Lake. Right out of parking lot.

0.2 Right on Burnett (between Sonic and McDonald’s)

0.7 Left on Commerce.

0.8 Right on Ferdinand (Ferry sign)

1.2 Feliciana Historical Society Museum and Tourist Information. Open from 9am to 5pm daily. Take time to see the museum’s dioramas, displays of vintage clothing, documents and other interesting exhibits. Maps of the historic district are available here.

1.8 Right on Tunica Road. (Sign for the Cat Island NWR) Tunica Road is one of the most beautiful roads in the Felicianas.

3.7 Right on Airport Road. Easily missed!

4.5 At Y bear right on Airport Road. Then name changes to Charlotte Armstrong.

4.8 Left on Hwy 61.

5.0 Myrtles Plantation. The house is noted for its elaborate interior plasterwork and its resident ghosts. Overnight accommodations and a restaurant on the grounds, which are open for toursf.

6.0 Butler Green Plantation. Established as a plantation in 1795, and still in the same family. Elaborate Victorian formal parlor and extensive, old gardens. Open for tours; bed and breakfast accommodations.

6.8 Right on Bains Road. (Legacy Park sign)

10.1 Locust Grove State Historic Site. Visit the gravesites of Sarah Knox Taylor, wife of Jefferson Davis, and General Eleazor Ripley, distinguished soldier of the War of 1812.

10.2 Left on Sage Hill Road.

14.2 Right on Jones Vaughn Creek Road at T and stop. There is a small lake on right at this turn.

21.0 Right on Hwy.10 at T and Stop.

21.7 Left on Hwy 965.

23.0 The Bluffs on Thompson Creek. All suite lodging in beautiful setting. Restaurant opened daily.

25.8 Left on Audubon Lane. Note: To visit the Audubon State Historic Site, continue a few hundred yards on Hwy.965 to the entrance.

28.0 Right on Hwy.966 at T and Stop.

28.6 Left on Hwy.61.and then take an immediate right on Powell Road

28.6 Right on Powell Road.

33.9 Left on Hwy.61.

35.6 Best Western St. Francis Hotel on the Lake.