Grosse Tete to New Roads

Baton Rouge Area
Baton Rouge Area
Type of Route
30.4 miles

The route follows Bayou Grosse Tete, Poydras Bayou and False River. You will travel through a wetlands area along Highway 76 before the landscape becomes more agricultural.

Plantation homes and gracious vacation homes line Highway 1 along False River as you approach New Roads, a picturesque community set along a waterway that once was a loop of the Mississippi River. New Roads is the center of Pointe Coupee Parish, where for 300 years an intriguing Creole French culture has flourished. Pointe Coupee Parish is one of the earliest settlements in the entire Louisiana Purchase. It attracted planters to farm its rich fertile delta soil. Some of the nation’s largest sugar plantations are still thriving on land surrounding New Roads. Your route will take you past some of these surviving plantations.

Start: Intersection of Interstate 10 and Hwy. 411 at Grosse Tete.

0.0 Grosse Tete at intersection with I 10 and Hwy.411. Continue north on Hwy. 411.

2.0 Right on Hwy. 76 in Rosedale. Hwy. 76 is a raised road through the lowlands.

6.5 Left on Hwy. 413 (Poydras Bayou Road).

10.7 Erwinville at junction with Hwy.190 and Hwy.1. McDonald’s and several service stations are at this intersection. Continue straight ahead on Hwy. 413 (Poydras Bayou Road.) crossing Hwy. 190.

15.5 Left on Hwy. 416 at Stop.

17.5 Straight ahead on Hwy.1 A shoulder is along most of Hwy.1 through New Roads. False River will be on your right.

20.6 Mon Coeur Plantation and Bed and Breakfast.

21.5 Parlange Plantation is the most famous plantation in the New Roads area. It was built by the French Marquis de Ternant in 1750. It is one of the oldest and finest examples of French colonial architecture remaining in Louisiana and the country today. The home may be open for tours.

21.7 Pointe Coupee Museum & Tourist Information. The cottage that houses the museum is authentically restored in its original location on the banks of False River. This cottage and its furnishings typify the lifestyle of a modest income family during the early 19th century.

22.5 Plantation home.

24.5 Mon Reve Plantation Bed & Breakfast.

25.0 New Roads City Limits

25.5 Junction of Hwy. 1 and Hwy. 3131 in New Roads. Fast food and motels are on Hwy. 3131. Continue straight on Hwy. 1.

27.4 Left on Hwy. 1 at traffic light in downtown New Roads. Folllow MRT sign.

27.9 At traffic light continue straight ahead on Hwy. 10 toward ferry.

30.4 Follow the MRT sign to the left (Hwy. 420)

Note: To cross the Mississippi River on the ferry, follow Hwy.10 to the right. The ferry takes you to St. Francisville.