Fausse Point to New Iberia

Type of Route
17.3 to 27.8 miles
Nearby Cities

You have a several options for making this a longer or shorter trip to New Iberia. On leaving Fausse Point State Park you can loop north and westward around Lake Dauterive, or you can shorten the trip by taking a boat shuttle to the Loreauville Landing, then picking up the original route on Highway 86. When you get to Highway 87, you will have another choice to make: You can turn right and take a short cut to New Iberia, or you can go left and follow farther along Bayou Teche, a route that will take you through Jeanerette. This road will take you past Alice Plantation and Bayside Plantation, and in Jeanerette you might stop at LeJenue’s Bakery for fresh French bread or hot ginger bread.

Whichever way you go, you will see a lot of Bayou Teche and cross the bayou three times as you make your way to New Iberia. (To reserve a boat for the Loreauville shuttle, call Captain Cleve at 337-220-6333.)

Start: Front Gate of Lake Fausse Pointe State Park. Go left on the Levee Road.

7.5 Left at end of pavement and cross bridge on Hwy. 3083.

11.5 In Coteau Holmes, go left at T on Hwy. 679 in the direction of Loreauville.

14.4 Straight ahead on Hwy. 345 at blue boat.

15.7 Left at T and stop sign on Hwy. 86.

17.1 Right on Hwy. 344 at traffic light in Loreauville (EASILY MISSED!).

17.3 Cross bridge, then go left on Danielle Road. This is a tricky spot. The sign on the left says Danielle. The sign on the right says Sugar Oak. Take Danielle to the left.

21.2 Left at the four-way-stop on Olivier Bell Place Road.

21.4 Straight ahead on Hwy. 320 at stop sign.

23.5 Hwy. 87 at caution light.


23.5 Right on Hwy. 87 at caution light.

25.2 Left on Hwy. 3195. Cross Bayou Teche.

25.5 Right on Hwy. 182 (Main Street). This is a busy road but it has several lanes. Just be cautious about changing lanes on your bike. It's best to get off and wait until traffic has been held up by a traffic light before you change to the other side of the road.

27.8 Historic District


23.5 Left at Hwy. 87 at caution light.

28.4 Alice Plantation Bed & Breakfast. 1796 Plantation home on Bayou Teche. Two guest cottages, swimming pool, tennis court and fishing (1-800-330-8393). 28.9 Bayside Plantation 30.0 Right at junction with Hwy. 3182. Cross Bayou Teche.

30.1 Left on Main St. in Jeannerette (Hwy.182). NOTE: Continue on Hwy.182 for one mile to reach LeJeune's Bakery and downtown Jeannerette. LeJeune's Bakery usually has hot French Bread and Ginger Bread. If you continue on Hwy.182 for another 1/2 mile you will reach Le Beau Petit Musee. It has an excellent pictorial exhibit of the Louisiana Sugar Cane Industry. Primitive campsites along Bayou Teche are available to cyclists if you call ahead to make arrangements.

30.2 Right on Hwy. 85 at Hubertville Grocery.

NOTE: Hubertville Grocery is a good stop for po-boys and sandwiches. The owners of the store, Ursula & Everette Gouner, will invite you into their patio to eat if you let them know you are cycling the Teche Country. It's your best bet for lunch in Jeanerette.

31.5 Straight ahead at stop sign and junction of Hwy. 668 & Hwy. 85 on Hubertville Road.

32.1 Cross Hwy. 90. Continue straight ahead.

32.9 Right at stop sign and T on Eighty Arpent Road.

37.2 Right on Dolze Guillot Road (EASILY MISSED!).

37.6 Left at stop sign. Then take an immediate right on Guilliot Road (Parish Road 215).

38.2 Straight ahead at stop sign on small, rutted road to the next stop sign. Do not take the main highway.

38.3 Straight ahead at stop sign.

42.9 Cross Hwy. 90 with care. Continue straight ahead on Jefferson Terrace all the way to Main Street in New Iberia.

45.7 Left at T on Main Street. This is a busy road but it has several lanes.