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The Atchafalaya Wilderness Trail is a remote gravel trail that runs on top of the levee for about 55 miles from Henderson, La. (next to Pat's Fisherman's Wharf) through three parishes to Franklin, La. The trail has been there for many years, but until recently, there were serious restrictions on its use. It is now open for bike riders, walkers and hikers to enjoy. Cars and especially trucks are still prohibited from using the trail as they present an ecological risk of damaging the road, especially when it is wet.

This is an unsupported route with next to nothing between Pat's and Lake Fausse Pointe, so riders should bring plenty of water and food, a spare tire and pump/CO2. Since this is a gravel trail, a mountain bike, hybrid, cruiser or BMX bike with knobby tires or tires of at least 35mm (1 1/4") should be used.

The Atchafalaya Basin Wilderness Trail and the many towns along its route is a fabulous place to spend a morning, an afternoon, or an entire day. 


The top of the levee is a gravel surface for the entire length of the trail. The levee road is paved until Mile 23 at Lake Fausse Point State Park. It then turns to gravel until Mile 55.


Mile 0 - Site: Henderson, Bayou Amy Boat Landing - Start of trail, restrooms, parking

Mile 4 - Site: Butte LaRose Bridge - Three miles to boat landing/camping, on to the community of Butte LaRose with store, fuel, and boat landing

Mile 10 - Site: Catahoula Boat Landing - One mile via Catahoula Hwy to Catahoula Community Park, canoe trails, grocery, fuel, church

Mile 15 - Site: Bayou Alexander Hwy (Hwy 3083) - Three miles to Coteau Holmes Community; grocery, fuel, church

Mile 20 - Site: Bayou Benoit Boat Landing - Parking on both sides of levee

Mile 22 - Site: Lake Dauterive Landing - Parking, boat launch to Lake Dauterive (west of levee)

Mile 23 - Site: Lake Fausse Point State Park - RV and tent camping, cabins, boat landing, canoe rentals, hiking and canoe trails

Mile 27 - Site: Sandy Cove Boat Landing - Parking

Mile 31 - Site: Ruiz Boat Landing - Parking

Mile 32 - Site: Lake Fausse Point Overlook - Sunset vista

Mile 35 - Site: Grand Avoille Cove Landing - Parking, boat launch, canoe trails (west of levee) 

Mile 37 - Site: Charenton Flood Gate - Parking, ~1 mile to Bayou Teche via canal (west of levee)

Mile 38 - Site: Historic Charenton Boat Landing and Beach - Two miles to community of Charenton; grocery, fuel, church, Chitimacha Reservation, restaurant, casino, hotel

Mile 42 - Site: Myette (Millet) Point Boat Landing - Parking, restrooms, gateway to Attakapas State Wildlife Management Area (WMA)

Mile 48 - Site: Rocks Landing - Parking access to Six Mile Lake

Mile 51 - Site: Bayou Teche National Wildlife Refuge - Parking, boat landing and canoe trails (west of levee)

Mile 52 - Site: Verdunville Boat Landing - Access to Six Mile Lake

Mile 55 - Site: Bayou Teche at Wax Lake Outlet West Flood Gate - End of trail


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Charenton Launch and historic "beach" near mile 38

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Lake Fausse Point Overlook near mile 32

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Lake Fausse Point Overlook near mile 32

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Bayou Benoit Boat Landing near mile 20

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