Alexandria to New Roads via Bunkie or Marksville

Alexandria Area
Alexandria Area
Type of Route
117 to 137 miles

This route touches some of the oldest communities in Louisiana as it runs near bayous that brought settlers here in the 1800s. Along the way antebellum homes sit among graceful oak and cypress trees. Small towns feature historic sites and cafés that offer home-style food. Stop at historic plantations that include Loyd Hall, Newhope and Walnut Grove.

Outside Bunkie you’ll angle eastward toward Simmesport and the Atchafalaya River and, finally, New Roads, a postcard of a town alongside beautiful False River. It is the center of Pointe Coupee Parish, where for 300 years Creole French culture has flourished and planters have tilled the fertile soil. Keep an eye out for trucks carrying sugar cane during the fall harvest season.

An alternative route turns northward past Bunkie, taking you to Marksville before turning back south. It then heads northeasterly to Bordelonville, passing the Pomme de Terre Wildlife Management Area and Sutton Lake before continuing to New Roads. This route adds 20 miles to the original trip.

ALEXANDRIA TO LECOMPTE – Distance: 16 miles

Start: Common Point Shopping Center on MacArthur Drive in Alexandria.

1.1 Right on Gene Ball at end of Frontage Road.

3.6 Left at T. Cross Hwy. 167 & Hwy. 71.

3.6 Left on Hwy. 1208-1.

4.3 Right on Old Baton Rouge Highway. EASILY MISSED

5.7 Inglewood Plantation.

7.5 Straight across Hwy. 167 & Hwy. 71. Then left on shoulder (south).

8.9 Right on Hwy 470.

12.9 Right on Hwy. 456.

15.3 Lecompte city limits.

16.0 Intersection of Wall Street and Hardy Street at traffic light in Lecompte.

Note: Lea's in Lecompte is a great place to chow down. Established in 1928, it's famous for its Southern country cooking, homemade pies and baked hams. To reach Lea's, go left at Wall Street & Hardy Street. It's about one block to Hwy. 167. You'll see Lea's on the left on Hwy. 167.

LECOMPTE TO BUNKIE – Distance: 19.7 miles

0.0 Intersection of Wall Street & Hardy Street in Lecompte. Continue on Hwy. 456.

0.1 Left on Water Street at Stop.

3.0 Right on Hwy. 167.

4.0 Left on Loyd Bridge Road. EASILY MISSED. Loyd Plantation is on this road. Bed and Breakfast is available. Open for tours.

5.7 Left on Hwy. 71. Cross bridge and take a right on Bayou Road.

8.5 New Hope Plantation

11.4 Bridge on right that goes into Chenyville

13.0 Walnut Grove Plantation on right. Overnights and dinner by arrangement. Tours available. Call for appointment.

16.0 Left on Hwy. 71 at T and Stop.

19.2 Bunkie. Food and lodging available.

19.7 Old Depot Tourist Information in Bunkie

BUNKIE TO SIMMESPORT – Distance: 30 miles

Start at Depot in Bunkie. Take Hwy. 71 south. Go one block to Church Street.

0.1 Left on E. Church Street (Hwy. 115 & Hwy. 29.) This road is narrow and busy until you reach the split of Hwy. 115 & Hwy. 29.

1.8 Evergreen Plantation Bed and Breakfast. Stay on Hwy. 29 when it splits with Hwy. 115. There is a small shoulder on Hwy. 29 after it splits from Hwy. 115.

4.4 Town of Evergreen.

9.0 Town of Cottonport (established in 1888).

10.8 Highway 107 and Hwy. 29. Take Hwy. 29 to the right.

14.5 Right on Hwy. 114 at T to Moreauville.

15.9 Moreauville city limits

17.5 Right on Hwy. 114 East EASILY MISSED

19.8 Intersection of Hwy. 1 & Hwy. 451 Cross Hwy. 1 to Hwy. 451 and continue on Hwy. 451.

20.3 Right on Mayeaux Cut Off (Old Highway 1).

29.1 Go under railroad track.

29.5 Right on Riverside Drive. (You are now in Simmesport)

29.6 Stop sign. Continue straight ahead.

29.9 Right on Martin Luther King.

29.9 Left on Hwy. 1 to bridge over Atchafalaya.

Note: If you want lodging in Simmesport, go right 1 mile to the Sportsman's Motel, on Hwy.1 North.

BUNKIE TO MARKSVILLEDistance: 19 miles

At Depot in Bunkie, take Hwy. 71 south. Go one block to Church Street.

0.1 Left on E. Church Street (Hwy. 115 & Hwy. 29.) This road is narrow and busy until you reach the split of Hwy. 115 & Hwy. 29.

1.8 Evergreen Plantation Bed and Breakfast.Stay on Hwy. 29 when it splits with Hwy. 115. There is a small shoulder on Hwy. 29 after it splits from Hwy. 115.

4.4 Town of Evergreen.9.0 Town of Cottonport (established in 1888).

10.8 Straight on Hwy. 107 at its juncture with Hwy. 29. Follow the bayou through town. There is a big shoulder on Hwy. 107.

15.1 Right on Hwy. 107 North and Hwy. 114 East.

15.0 Left on Leglise Street at Stop toward Mansura.Honeysuckle Bed & Breakfast is located at 1187 Petit Cote Road in Mansura.318-964-5435.

15.8 Mansura's Cochon de Lait Center.

16.4 Cross Hwy. 1 at traffic light. Continue on Hwy. 107.

18.6 Right on Hwy. 1 North to Marksville. There is a shoulder into Marksville.

19.0 Paragon Casino & Resort in Marksville. A large hotel provides beautiful rooms at reasonable prices. It also has several restaurants.Note: To visit the Marksville State Historic Site, come out of casino parking lot and turn right on Hwy. 1.

0.5 Right on Hwy. 4521.3 Right at sign for Historic Site.

2.0 Marksville State Historic Site.


0.0 Paragon Casino in Marksville. Left on Hwy. 1 as you exit Casino parking lot.

0.5 Left on Hwy. 107 South.

2.6 Cross Hwy. 1. Continue on Hwy. 107.

3.4 Mansura.

3.8 Continue straight on Hwy. 114 East.

4.4 Sign to Simmesport. Don't turn left. Continue straight.

6.9 Left on Bayou Des Glasses Road (unnamed at this point) before you cross the bridge. Little Zion Baptist Church sign on road. Road follows bayou for a long way. The road is one lane and very scenic. The countryside in this area has changed very little in a hundred years.8.8 Straight ahead at Russell's Crossing.

10.2 Moreauville. Continue straight on Couvillion Street.

11.4 Cross Hwy. 1 to Couvillion Street North. This is the start of the Big Bend Loop.

12.0 Right at Sybil Crossing. Cross Bayou Des Galsses.

12.0 Left on Bayou Des Glasses Street (Hwy. 451).

19.6 Bordelonville.

21.9 Store. Hot Boudin and Cracklins.

22.6 Cross levee. (Louisiana Colonial Trail sign on road.) Along the route, you will see century old live oaks, livestock, old homes and barns.27.6 Big Bend Post Office and Museum. If the museum director is there, he'll give you a nice history of the area from 1929 to the present. There is also a rest area and overlook over Bayou Des Glasses.

30.8 Left on Thing Dufour. EASILY MISSED. Cross levee.

30.8 Left after bridge.33.1 Right to continue on paved road through woods.

34.3 Cross bridge. Go over levee top.

34.4 Left and go under railroad bridge. Pass school.

34.8 Right on River Side Drive at levee.

35.2 Left on Martin Luther King.

35.3 Right on Hwy. 1 to go into Simmesport. To continue on route go left on Hwy. 1 and cross the bridge over the Atchafalaya River.

Note: If you want lodging in Simmesport, go right 1 mile to the Sportsman's Motel. The motel is basic lodging. Food in Simmesport is available mostly from gas stations and a new, small casino.

SIMMESPORT TO NEW ROADS – Distance: 45 miles

Start at intersection Of Highway 1 and the bridge over the Atchafalaya River. Cross bridge.

1.0 Left on Hwy. 418 immediately after the bridge. Get your supplies before you start this stretch of the route. There will not be any stores until you reach New Roads.

1.3 Continue on Hwy. 418. Go under railroad track. Hwy. 418 follows levee. It's an excellent road.

8.2 Church and cemetery.

8.8 Church and cemetery.

9.8 Cross Hwy. 15. Continue on Hwy. 418 following the MRT sign.

Note: If you go north on Hwy. 15 for about 10 miles, you will reach the Old River Control Structure. A visitors center is usually manned. If you ask, they can show you a film about the billion dollars worth of work the Corps of Engineers has done to prevent the Mississippi River from overtaking the Atchafalaya River.

16.7 Episcopal Church.

18.2 Continue straight on Claiborne Road following the levee. Do not take Brouillette Lane unless you want to ride on Hwy. 1.

19.8 Country Corner Road. Continue straight unless you want to take Hwy. 1.

21.0 Junction with Hwy. 419. Continue straight ahead following Hwy. 419 along the levee.

21.6 Plantation home.

23.1 Church and the Old River Landing.

23.8 Right on Hwy. 972 following the MRT sign.

26.0 Left on Hwy. 1.

28.0 Narrrow bridge over the Morganza Spillway. Take extra care on this bridge. Morganza Spillway is the floodplain for the Atchafalaya & Mississippi Rivers.

29.3 End of bridge. Left on Hwy. 420.

31.0 Morganza

31.4 Store

35.2 Left on Hwy. 420 at school following the MRT sign.

39.0 St. Francis Church.

39.2 Plantation

42.3 Straight ahead on Hwy. 10.

43.9 New Roads city limits sign.

44.7 Continue straight ahead on Hwy. 1 following the MRT sign.

45.3 Right on Hwy. 413 and Hwy. 1 in New Roads.

Note: Several B&B's are located along False River Road (Hwy. 1)

47.0 For motels and fast food, go right on Hwy. 3131. Cypress Motel is one mile down Hwy. 3131.