Abita Springs to Fontainebleau State Park Loop

Type of Route
38.6 miles

This ride combines the rural roads with a portion of the Tammany Trace, a nice biking, hiking and nature trail. A good place to start is the gazebo at the town center of Abita Springs. There you can pick up the Tammany Trace and head south to Mandeville. Be cautious at the many intersections. Here, you could veer off the trace for a while and head south on Gerard Street to visit “Old Mandeville” and the waterfront. You will find restaurants and other establishments in the area, and you’ll enjoy the view along Lake Pontchartrain.

Back on the trace, you will head east to Fontainebleau State Park. The trail goes through this gorgeous, 2,800-acre park, which offers camping, nature trails and a swimming pool. When you reach Lacombe – home of the excellent Sal & Judy’s restaurant – you will cross Highway 190 and head north, and eventually take a northwesterly turn onto Highway 36 back to Abita Springs. Restaurants in the area include Abita Brew Pub and Abita Springs Café. For more information, visit TammanyTrace.org or call 985-867-9490.

Start: Gazebo in downtown Abita Springs. Take Hwy. 36 East. 9.6 Right on Hwy. 434. 15.0 Right on Krentel Road. (before I 12 overpass) 15.3 Right at T and Stop. 16.6 Left at T and Stop on Fish Hatchery Road.(unmarked at this point) 17.5 Overpass. 21.0 Right on 8th Street (unmarked at this point). 8th Street is the last street before Hwy. 190. It takes you to the Tammany Trace. 21.2 Tammany Trace. From here, you will stay on the Tammany Trace through Mandeville and on to Abita Springs. 26.6 Fontainbleau State Park. 33.7 Mandeville. Take care going through Mandeville as there are many crossroads and stop signs. At the Mandeville Trailhead, you will find restrooms and a drink machine. NOTE: You can leave the Trace and head south on Gerard Street to reach “Old Mandeville” and the waterfront. There are several excellent restaurants and a coffee shop near the waterfront. See restaurant list for names. Take time to ride the 1 and 1/2 miles along Lake Pontchartrain for a view of the wonderful homes and cottages that line Lakeshore Drive. Many of the homes date back to the late 1800’s. 38.6 Abita Springs