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A 4.31-mile stretch of the Baton Rouge Mississippi River Levee bike path extends from the end of the downtown promenade just north of the I-10 Mississippi River Bridge to Skip Bertman Drive at LSU and Farr Park. The 15-foot-wide path includes separate lanes for bicycles and walkers/joggers as well as lighting, seating and water fountains. The path links to the existing one-mile riverfront promenade in Downtown Baton Rouge.

A trailhead with parking space is located near the start of the levee path under the Mississippi River Bridge. As the path travels southward from the bridge, it crosses a section of existing large water intake pipes. The path ramps down from the levee crown, crosses the pipes and then goes back up to the levee top. In the vicinity of W. McKinley St., the path ramps down again, this time to the ground surface, and crosses over a 48-inch pipeline that stretches under River Road.

After crossing the pipeline, the path ramps back up to the levee top and continues to Skip Bertman Drive, where a handicap-acceccible ramp leads you down from the top of the levee at Skip Bertman Drive. Another trailhead is provided here on the levee, including an overlook plaza with a water fountain and seating.