Aquariums & Zoos in Louisiana

Whether you are five years old or 55, world-class zoos, nature exhibits and wildlife experiences are easily found around Louisiana and they are worth your time. The experience of seeing unusual and exotic animals up-close is one a person never forgets.

In the New Orleans area, pay a visit to any of the properties of the Audubon Institute, including the Audubon Zoo, Aquarium of the Americas, or the fascinating Audubon Insectarium.

Take a jaunt across Lake Pontchartrain to the NorthShore area discover the wonders of a safari-style tour at the Global Wildlife Center. Visit the beautiful, high-quality zoo in Baton Rouge or, in north Louisiana, spend some time at Shreveport's exciting Gators and Friends Alligator Park and Exotic Zoo. You might even consider looking in at Chimp Haven, a national chimpanzee sanctuary, or Yogie and Friends Exotic Cat Sanctuary.

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