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Big Sam's Funky Nation Band in New Orleans

Big Sam's Funky Nation Band playing in New Orleans.

We’ve all had that night where you were out with your best friends, the music was incredible, you danced until the sun came up and now it’s the next morning and you feel like you smoked a pack of cigarettes just from being in the smoke-filled bar all night. We’ve been there too — it’s unpleasant and ultimately unhealthy. And that’s not the vibe you want to end on after such an awesome music experience.

However, there is an initiative rolling through Louisiana called Healthier Air For All and they are advocating for smoke-free environments across Louisiana. In 2006, the Louisiana Smoke-Free Air Act eliminated smoking in all public places which includes restaurants, but exempts bars and gaming facilities. To encourage and support local communities to make all areas smoke-free, the Healthier Air For All group works to empower communities to be smoke-free and over the past ten years, dozens of parish-specific policies have passed and smoke-free cities have been established.

Looking for Smoke Free Venues?
The Healthier Air For All website has a great resource to find smoke-free venues across the Louisiana and it’s a really easy search by region. Start your search for Louisiana smoke-free venues then you can spend your time trying to figure out how you are going to see all the incredible Louisiana bands you want to see on your trip.  

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