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North Louisiana Military Museum - 1917 Louisiana National Guard Flag ©Louisiana Travel Staff

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NorthLouisianaMilitaryMuseum - Tank ©Louisiana Travel Staff

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North Louisiana Military Museum Exhibits ©Louisiana Travel Staff

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North Louisiana Military Museum - Desert Storm Exhibit ©Louisiana Travel Staff

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In the shadows of Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, you will find a military treasure trove at The North Louisiana Military Museum. Visit this one-of-a-kind museum to honor and remember Louisiana veterans who fought and served for our freedom.

Spanning the decades from the French and Indian War to- Desert Storm, this institution is filled with Louisiana war relics and will fascinate anyone with even the slightest interest in how Americans—and their adversaries—faced the challenges of combat. Few museums can boast of a collection as extensive and rich as this one.

The North Louisiana Military Museum is a must-see for any true military buff. While the building is unassuming, in and around it you will find multiple tanks, Nazi uniforms, artifacts from the U.S. High School Victory Corps, a complete collection of all 52 medals awarded by the South Vietnamese government and so much more.

Started by Louisiana veteran and Ruston native Commander Guy Borderline and still run by local veteran Ernie Stevens and a handful of dedicated volunteers, the museum’s decades-old collection is second to none. Local veterans or their families donated the majority of the items housed in the museum, making this a true piece of Louisiana history.

Take your time wandering the museum because Ernie and the volunteers are filled with fascinating stories about how each exhibit came to be. You’re sure to leave wanting to research your own family’s military history.