Most Instagrammable Spots in West Feliciana

St. Francisville is one of Louisiana’s most-adored hideaways, check out these top 7 most instagrammable spots in West Feliciana.

Grace Episcopal Church St. Francisville

Stop to admire the beautiful architecture of the Grace Episcopal Church in St. Francisville.

Bayou Bikes in St. Francisville

Explore St. Francisville from two wheels with bike rentals from Bayou Bike Shack.

St. Francisville is one of Louisiana’s most-adored hideaways. Located in West Feliciana Parish, this quaint town offers tourists and residents alike the perfect space to relax and enjoy the best offerings of untouched history and nature. To help you document your trip in style, we’ve created a list of the seven most double-tap-worthy places in West Feliciana. Add these to your itinerary and share your photos using #OnlyLouisiana. Happy travels!

  1. Afton Villa Gardens: Enjoy a peaceful stroll through 20 acres of carefully manicured gardens. Here you’ll find yellow daffodils (when in season), beautiful sculptures and the remains of Afton Villa. Arrive at golden hour for a dreamy shot of the light streaming through moss-draped trees.

    Afton Villa Gardens

    Image Credit: Instagrammer - @sharjphotography

  2. The Beast: Although a newer bike trail, this is quickly becoming a favorite among thrill seekers as well as health enthusiasts. Whether you mountain bike or hike, completing the trail is quite the feat—and the lush, natural greenery is the perfect backdrop for sharing this accomplishment with your followers!

    The Beast Trail

    Image Credit: Instagrammer - @memoak

  3. Historic Architecture: From front porches to friendly (and not-so-friendly) ghosts you’ll find quintessential St. Francisville scenery that’s been wowing visitors since the last 1800s. Head indoors to try your hand at capturing one of the Myrtles’ ghosts on camera for a truly spooky #tbt. Or, venture out to Grace Church to snap pictures of the Gothic architecture.

     Spooky The Myrtles Plantation Grace Episcopal Church

    Image Credits: Instagrammers - @Themyrtlesplantation & @ashwinklebooth

  4. 3-V Tourist Courts: Talk about #tinyhousegoals! These quaint 1930s cabins, of Bonnie and Clyde movie fame, are the perfect subject for a pint-sized post. As you square up your shot, you’ll notice our next Instagram-friendly spot—the Magnolia Café—next door.

    3-V Tourist Courts

    Image Credit: Instagrammer - @Explorethesouth
  5. Magnolia Café: The Magnolia Café is a fixture in the West Feliciana live music scene. Take a picture with the pig outside and enjoy live music every Friday night. Share the music with your followers, but keep their famous pizza for yourself!

    Magnolia Cafe

    Image Credit: Instagrammer - @anthony.t.jimenez

  6. Audubon Bridge: For Instagrammers with a more modern aesthetic, this bridge opened in 2011 to replace the existing ferry system. It has been dazzling photographers with its modern geometric lines ever since. For the best shot, capture the cables at an angle from below.

    Audubon Bridge

    Image Credit: Instagrammer - @shairee.etheridge

  7. Downtown St. Francisville charm: The best way to spend an afternoon is to explore downtown’s many shops and eateries on a colorful cruiser bike from the Bayou Bike Shack. Before heading out on your adventure, snap a picture of your colorful ride!

    Downtown St. Francisville

    Image Credit: Instagrammer - @VisitStFrancisville
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