Louisiana's Hidden Culinary Gems: Barbecue

Our passion for food extends to the grill.

Johnson's Boucaniere in Lafayette

Johnson’s Boucaniere offers not only barbecue but also signature Louisiana sausages and meats.

LBK's Barbecue plate lunch

The typical LBK’s lunch is barbecue paired with soul food sides such as collard greens and cornbread.

Louisiana has a world-renowned reputation for its indigenous Cajun and Creole cuisine. But as you may expect given our geographic position in the Deep South, we have a similar flair for traditional southern cuisine, and barbecue is no exception.

Louisiana is a mostly rural and historically agricultural state, meaning our local supply of cattle, poultry and pork is as bountiful as our coastal and Gulf of Mexico fisheries. It stands to reason the average resident is just as adept with a wood-fired grill or smoker as he or she is with a propane-fired seafood boiler or a massive iron pot filled with jambalaya or gumbo.

Between your traditional Cajun and Creole food stops, I encourage you to delve into our saucy, smoky Southern side via gems such as these:

  • The Joint in the New Orleans’ Bywater district. Be sure to try the links of locally made smoked chaurice, a heavily seasoned pork sausage enflamed with red pepper.
  • Johnson’s Boucanière in Lafayette. A great double-dipper for meat lovers, this Cajun eatery offers not only great barbecue but Louisiana sausage, andouille, tasso and boudin.
  • LBK’s Barbecue and Soul Food in Farmerville. Ribs and sausage come to this barbecue buffet hot off the pit and are served with soul food sides such as collard greens and hot water cornbread. Location on Martin Luther King Drive call 318.368.8844 for full menu options.
  • Grayson’s Bar-B-Q in Clarence. At the intersection of U.S. Hwy. 71 and La. Hwy. 6 about 10 miles north of Natchitoches, this barbecue stand is famous for its homemade rolls and whole smoked hams and could be one of the best arguments to get out in the country on a road less traveled.
  • BBQ Pit in Sterlington. Find the usual barbecue fare along with items such as house-made chips, barbecue ranch and pit-loaded sandwiches. And be sure to try a side of their green beans.
  • Cou-Yon's in Port Allen. A notable spot which has been named the "Best BBQ Joint in Louisiana" by Money.com, one of the "Top 50 BBQ Spots in America" by Yelp and "No. 1 BBQ in the Baton Rouge area" by TripAdvisor. Need we say more?
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