Louisiana's 4-H Club History

In 1908, Mr. V.L. Roy, Superintendent of Avoyelles Parish Schools, organized the first Corn Club, the forerunner of the 4-H Club in Louisiana

Some 250 boys, arrived by train, wagon and on foot to learn about the cultivation of corn.  An advocate of “learn by doing,” Avoyelles Parish Schools Superintendent V.L. Roy had the boys prepare rows and plant corn.  In subsequent meetings, the boys cultivated the corn, thinned and weeded the plants, and finally harvested the crop.  Girls were later participants in growing tomatoes as a crop.

When Superintendent Roy later became associated with the State Department of Education, he was instrumental in establishing the 4-H Club in Louisiana.  Ohio established the first 4-H Club in the United States in 1903, and Superintendent Roy was prominent in bringing the benefits of 4-H to Louisiana youth for which he is an inductee in the Louisiana 4-H Hall of Fame.

On Feb. 8, 2008, Louisiana celebrated 100 years of youth involvement in the 4-H Club; in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Louisiana 4-H, the Louisiana 4-H Museum was opened in Mansura, Louisiana.  It houses 100 years of history from the 64 Louisiana parish 4-H Clubs.