Louisiana Carryout - Local Products and Tasty Treats

Carry out a taste of Louisiana from each culinary region - these products make for tasty trip mementos.

Louisiana Products Cafe Du Monde beignet mix

Discover the many choices for made-in-Louisiana products that make great souvenirs and gifts.

In Louisiana, we don’t just eat—we dine with gusto. Louisiana foods connect us to our culture, one that includes French, Spanish, African, and German influences. It is over a meal that Louisianians come together in celebration, whether it’s a Mardi Gras gumbo or simply a Friday night crawfish boil. Join in our fun as you travel around the state visiting our eight culinary trails.

Carry out a taste of these regional Louisiana products that make for tasty trip mementos.

  1. Creole Crescent

    New Orleans is the home of fancy cocktails, tantalizing dishes and perennial favorites like café au lait and beignets from Café Du Monde. Pick up some Café Du Monde chicory coffee and beignet mix before leaving town and savor the flavor and memories of your vacation in your own kitchen. The original Spanish settlers of St. Bernard Parish were known as Isleños. Visit the Los Isleños Museum and village to learn about their way of life and take home a copy of Los Isleños Cookbook: Canary Island Recipes.

  2. Northshore Sampler

    If your travels take you outside of New Orleans to the Northshore, head to the fertile grounds of St. Tammany Parish. You may even see some of our celebrity chefs like John Besh, who calls St. Tammany Parish home. Take his love of Louisiana flavors back to your home with his acclaimed cookbook, “My Family Table".

  3. Prairie Home Cooking

    Head into the center of the state toward Opelousas and St. Landry Parish to discover savory home cooking featuring rich smoked meats and hearty plate lunches. Capture the flavor and spice up your home cooking with a St. Landry Parish favorite, Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning.

  4. Capital Cravings  

    Louisiana's capital region is home to a diverse culinary landscape that features everything from tailgating fare to fine dining. No Baton Rouge trip is complete without a visit to Tony’s Seafood, the largest seafood market in the Gulf South. While on the property, check out the headquarters and manufacturing plant for their sister company, Louisiana Fish Fry, and stock up on seasonings, sauces and mouthwatering mixes.

  5. Bayou Bounty

    The Bayou Bounty Trail lies in the heart of Cajun Country where the quest to preserve the Cajun way of life can be found in the food—gumbo, fresh seafood, boudin balls and hot sauces. Explore the TABASCO® Factory and Country Store in Iberia Parish and pick up a spicy souvenir. Head down to Houma for a meal at TARC Restaurant & Gift Shop and take home some of the delicious treats like chocolates, salsas and jelly from the gift shop. In Lafayette, experience some of Louisiana’s best boudin and other regional specialties. Learn more about the Cajun Boudin Trail and plan some tastings.  Most of the shops along the way will ship boudin to be waiting when you arrive home from vacation. Louisianians love seafood, especially oysters. While on the road in the Cajun Coast area, check out the Ameripure Oyster Company in Franklin. Local retailers can ship these tasty treats to your home. And don’t miss St. Martin Parish because you will want to wash down all that flavorful fare with a nice cold craft brew! Taste award-winning beer at the local brewery, Bayou Teche Brewing in Arnaudville.  Take a brewery tour, sample the beers and get your favorite t-shirt or pint glass.

  6. Seafood Sensation

    The bounty of Southwest Louisiana’s coasts and wetlands makes this the ultimate road trip for seafood lovers. Lake Charles overflows with seasoned crawfish, fried seafood platters and perfect po'boys while the gumbo, jambalaya, étouffée and dirty rice incorporate the rice crops found around the region. Capture the flavors of Lake Charles with The Junior League’s Marshes to Mansions cookbook. It is a treat for visitors looking for those secret family recipes to bring to their kitchens. Other Louisiana-made products can be found with a visit to Vermilion Parish. Your trip would not be complete without picking up Steen’s Cane Syrup or CajunPower Garlic Sauce. C’est bon! The cane fields around the Seafood Sensation Trail offer up a liquid libation: rum. Jefferson Davis Parish is home to Bayou Rum; handmade in the largest privately owned rum distillery in the USA utilizing traditional methods in a new state-of-the-art factory. See firsthand how Bayou Rum is pasteurized, fermented, distilled, aged, bottled and served at the in-house tasting bar.

  7. Red River Riches 

    The Red River Riches Trail will greet your taste buds with meat pies, crawfish étouffée and fried shrimp while the desserts feature iconic icebox pies. Natchitoches is the home to Lasyone's Meat Pie Kitchen. Their meat pies are the perfect road food packed in a delicious pastry shell.  Take some extras for the trip! In the Alexandria area, take the LeCompte exit for a visit to Lea's Lunchroom and sample their world-famous pies.  They'll be happy to box one or a few up for you to take home to enjoy. While in Shreveport, discover what really puts the signature flavor on a muffuletta with Papa Fertitta's Famous Olive Mix. Fertitta's Delicatessen has served muffulettas with this delicious olive mix since 1927, so grab a sandwich and a bottle of olive mix or order online.

  8. Delta Delights

    As you tour the Delta Delights Trail, the relaxed atmosphere of Northwest Louisiana is contagious. The food reflects this vibe with warming cornbread, delicious catfish, crawfish and lots of fresh garden items like peaches. In West Monroe, tour the picturesque, family-owned Landry Vineyards in the hills outside of town and enjoy samples of their unique wines. For more information and things to do and see, visit Monroe-West Monroe. After touring around Ruston, known for their sweet peaches, don’t forget to stop by Mitcham Farms and pick up any of their peach preserves, cobblers, sauces or dessert mixes for the road.

Learn more about Louisiana’s Eight Culinary Trails, see maps and find inspiration for your next trip.