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Looking for Crawfish? There's an App for That - Culinary Apps

These apps tell you where to get fresh Louisiana crawfish, join a local crawfish boil or find a restaurant crawl.
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Freshly boiled crawfish
Freshly boiled Louisiana crawfish.

Explore these apps and websites that put Louisiana seafood and culinary experiences at your fingertips!

The Crawfish App

This app was created by an LSU graduate and a Baton Rouge native in order to find the nearest crawfish vendors, prices, locations, and ratings. You can find both live and boiled crawfish with information that is updated weekly. 


Seafood Locator App

For all seafood, including crawfish, check out the seafood locator app. It has a variety of seafood, maps out vendor location, options, hours, ratings and other information that will help you select the best seafood for you!