In the Kitchen with Chef John Folse

Get to know one of Louisiana's favorite chefs.

Chef Folse - Louisiana chefs

Chef John Folse is a restauranteur, television personality, cookbook author and gracious ambassador for Louisiana.

Chef John Folse is as much a state culinary icon as gumbo.  For more than two decades, he’s worked to introduce our cuisine to people around the globe, from Beijing to Bogota.  “It’s so exciting to be able to share the foods that make us who we are with others around the world,” says Folse.  “They can’t help but be engulfed by our passion.”

His résumé includes restaurateur and host of “A Taste of Louisiana” and "After the Hunt" (shows produced by Louisiana Public Broadcasting). He has his own food manufacturing company and bakery division and has written numerous cookbooks, including “The Encyclopedia of Cajun & Creole Cuisine.”  Part cookbook, part history tome, it’s an essential for native cooks and those who long to be.

At his White Oak Plantation, visitors get a sense of our history while strolling the gardens, which explore the principal vegetables, fruits, and herbs of the seven nations that contributed to the indigenous cuisine.  In his own kitchen, his must-have is roux. “Equal parts oil and flour, it’s the basis for the flavors of Louisiana,” he says.

Chef Folse's most recent collaboration is Restaurant R'evolution in New Orleans.  He partnered with Chef Rick Tramonto to create this culinary tribute to Louisiana's history and cuisine.