Holiday Festival Lights Up Natchitoches

One of the state's oldest towns is a beautiful holiday destination, with spectacular lights and festivities from mid-November until after New Year's Day.

Nachitoches Christmas Festival, Louisiana

Don't miss the fireworks display over Cane River during the annual Natchitoches Festival of Lights.

Nachitoches Christmas Festival, Louisiana

The festive holiday crowds enjoy the Christmas spirit in Natchitoches during the Festival of Lights.

Natchitoches (NACK-a-tish) has been called the “City of Lights” since 1927, when the city’s chief electrician decided that stringing Christmas lights along Front Street would be a nice gift to the town's residents. His gesture has evolved into the six-week-long Natchitoches Christmas Festival, one of the longest-running holiday celebrations in America.

Each November, the area is transformed into the ultimate winter wonderland, with decorations and hundreds of thousands of lights glowing downtown and along the scenic Cane River Lake. People from far quarters flock to the town for the annual Christmas Festival of Lights — a beautiful reason to visit this National Historic Landmark District.  

Need another reason? Look for snow and carolers on Front Street and watch for the spectacular fireworks over Cane River. And don't miss the beautiful Christmas Parade, as lighted barges "parade" on the river!

Throughout the festival, you'll find food booths stocked by local restaurants and home bakers, along with the iconic Natchitoches meat pie. Check for more information.

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