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This baby bass fish will grow into a mighty catch!

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The fish are abundant in Toledo Bend State Park.

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The 70-mile-long Toledo Bend Reservoir covers 185,000 acres and has 1,200 miles of shoreline. It is the largest man-made body of water in the South and the fifth largest in surface acres in the U. S. The lake also boasts some of the best fishing in the nation. And the surrounding area offers a wealth of historical, cultural and outdoor activities.

While bass fishing is by far the most popular on Toledo Bend, other species such as white perch, bream, white bass, striped bass and catfish are abundant. The current bass lake record for Toledo Bend is 15.33 pounds. The 2008–09 fishing season on Toledo Bend produced a catch of 43 lunkers weighing at least 10 pounds each. A recent 15.03-pounder caught in the summer months almost shattered the standing record.

Toledo Bend’s Lunker Bass Program both enhances and promotes its fantastic fishing. The lake attracts numerous large fishing tournaments because of the abundant fishing and the well-designed facilities available for these sporting events.

Cypress Bend Park and San Miguel Park host more than 35 major fishing tournaments each year. Also, the area offers more than 36 guides experienced in fishing techniques and knowledgeable in areas of the lake most likely to yield a good catch for a specific time of year. More than 35 resorts and marinas along the Toledo Bend shoreline offer a wide array of services.