Eat Fresh In Louisiana – Follow Our Culinary Trails

The Louisiana Culinary Trails can guide you to some of the best food your taste buds will ever experience.

Find delicious boudin on the Boudin Trail that crosses the borders of the Seafood Sensation and Bayou Bounty trail.
Oysters Rockefeller

Originally created at Antoine's, Oysters Rockefeller are a perennial favorite on the Creole Crescent trail.

Strawn's Eat Shop Strawberry Pie

The icebox pies at Strawn's Eat Shop on the Red River Riches trail have been featured in Southern Living.

It's never difficult to find a good meal in Louisiana, but to make it really easy on yourself, consider using the Louisiana Culinary Trails as your guide.  The culinary trails are routes that lead from one great meal to another, from one excellent seafood or produce market to another, through what is arguably the richest cultural melting pot in America.

We dine with gusto here, in part because our food connects us to our diverse heritage, which includes French, Spanish, African, German and many other influences.  The Louisiana Culinary Trails lead you through our history while taking you to the front doors of some of the finest dining spots your taste buds will ever experience, from simple cafés and diners to white-tablecloth rooms where the cuisine and service are unmatched. For a food journey you will never forget, follow the Red River Riches, Tammany TasteDelta Delights, Prairie Home Cooking, Seafood SensationCreole Crescent, Capital Cravings and Bayou Bounty trails.

As you enjoy your trip along the Louisiana Culinary Trails, you will come to appreciate our unparalleled access to fresh food that comes from both our rich soils and our rich fishing grounds.  Louisiana is a leading supplier of seafood and fish to the entire country, so we are blessed with an enviable supply of fresh fruits de mer.  Residents of the state enjoy having the best of the best at their back door, plucked from the vast waters of the Gulf of Mexco and our inland freshwater lakes and streams.  Delicious fresh shrimp, blue crabs, bass, redfish, snapper, drum, trout, catfish – and much more – are commonplace on our tables.

Right up there with our seafood is our fresh Louisiana produce, and it's widely available too. Louisiana's climate allows for a year-around growing season, so many of our markets are open all year.  Farmers markets are popular throughout the state, and visitors can enjoy shopping them just as locals do.  To enhance the experience, some markets feature on-site cooking demonstrations, arts and crafts displays, and even live music.

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