Culinary Trail Signature Dish: Crawfish Bread

You don't have to wait until Jazz Fest to sample this delicious dish.

Crawfish Bread from PanAroma Foods

Enjoy this delicious Crawfish Bread from PanAroma Foods. You can find this dish at many Louisiana festivals, and now you can try the recipe at home.

Some 25 years ago, John Laborde from Avoyelles Parish was making sausage bread as a hobby when an idea struck. “The Cajun food craze was taking over, and I made a loaf with crawfish in it,” he says. He rolled out his homemade dough, spread cheese, crawfish, and seasonings on top, and then rolled it up, sort of like a calzone. Voilà—an instant classic. He began selling his creation and ultimately landed a coveted food vendor spot at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, where his booth has been one of the busiest for the last two decades.

Local crawfish loaf fans know you don’t have to wait for Jazz Fest. Satisfy your craving by ordering crawfish bread online (yes, we are so serious!). Or if you are in the area try their insanely delicious catering from Laborde’s PanAroma Foods in Marksville, where you’ll also find sausage bread, shrimp bread, gumbo, and more.

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