Capitol Park Museum

Steer a course through Louisiana’s history and culture at Capitol Park Museum.

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Daring Explorers, monumental battles, powerful monarchs, great rivalries, devastating floors, celebrated artists and legendary musicians—Louisiana’s history is extraordinary. At the Capitol Park Museum, walk around a 48 foot shrimp trawler, two—step at a Cajun fais do-do and test your rhythmic skills on a bamboula drum. Explore the mighty Mississippi River. Encounter the people who created Louisiana, from American Indians to European settlers and enslaved Africans. Follow Louis Armstrong’s rise to global fame and find out how Huey P. Long captivated crowds and outsmarted his enemies.

The Capitol Park Museum features two permanent exhibitions. Learn about the impact of Louisiana on the United States as you explore Grounds for Greatness: Louisiana and the Nation. An original Civil War era submarine shows off rare early military technology, while an oil—well head and drilling rig model highlight how Louisiana Helps supply American’s energy needs. Another section details heroic resistance during slavery and segregation, including the Baton Rouge bus boycott of 1953 that influenced the civil rights movement. Experiencing Louisiana: Discovering the Soul of America begins with a road trip, passing through the majestic oaks of River Road, the folk art of Clementine Hunter, the cemeteries of New Orleans and Cajun cowboy culture. You’ll see objects that reveal the rich heritage of Louisiana, from an Acadian spinning wheel to intricate American Indian baskets. From there, you’ll enter a musical wonderland showcasing Louisiana’s incredible musicians, including Lead Belly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Aaron Neville and Lucinda Williams.

End your visit with carnival around the state, from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Shreveport and Acadiana. Climb aboard a float and experience Mardi Gras year-round!


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