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Baton Rouge Food Trucks

Check out these mobile kitchens, and learn where to find them.
By Staff

Taco Paco is one of Baton Rouge's mobile kitchens delivery tasty meals.

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Since 2010, food trucks have been a staple of the Baton Rouge culinary scene. It began with a snow ball truck and social media, and has blossomed into a full-fledged food truck revolution. On any given weekday, the capital city streets are dotted with mobile vendors dishing up delicious food-on-wheels. Looking for your favorite?  Follow them on Facebook or Twitter to see where they're posted up. And every Wednesday, they gather for the BR Wroundup; a collection of Baton Rouge's food trucks in one location. Some nights there's even live local music.  

Here's a run down of a few of Baton Rouge's Food Trucks:

Taco de Paco: Find chopped steak, pulled pork, black bean and chicken tacos served in flour or corn tortillas. Plus, they offer a variety of specials. Taco de Paco also serves dinner several times a week. Find them on Twitter

Fresh Junkie: The rapid-fire line on this truck dishes up healthful salads and wraps with lightning fast speed! Premium, organic, natural, and most importantly FRESH ingredients topped with handmade dressings make for delicious fuel for your body. Find them on Twitter and Facebook. See how they make their most popular wraps on Youtube.

Pullin' Pork: This husband and wife team offers a variety of pork and brisket dishes including sandwiches, tacos and nachos. Try the homemade sides and banana pudding to round out your meal.  Find them on Twitter.

Three Bones BBQ: Serving "barbaCajun" dishes and burgers. Specialies include homemade boudin, tasso, andouille, sauces, pickles and jellies. Find them on Twitter.

For up to date information on the Baton Rouge culinary scene, check out Visit Baton Rouge.