Evergreen Plantation

Evergreen Plantation Along River Road in Louisiana

Evergreen Plantation, with tours by appointment, is the most intact plantation complex in the South, with thirty-seven buildings on the National Register of Historic Places, including twenty-two slave cabins. Evergreen has the country's highest historic designation and joins Mount Vernon and Gettysburg in being granted landmark status for its agricultural acreage. It remains to this day a privately owned sugar cane plantation where people live and work.

A remarkable feature of Evergreen is the virtually intact slave-quarters complex that includes twenty-two original cabins. Such cabins, once commonplace across Louisiana and the South, are incredibly rare nowadays, and Evergreen has done important work in documenting the site’s archaeological and cultural legacies, enriching our views of the enslaved, and later free, African Americans who lived there.

The Evergreen Plantation tour is an outstanding representation of the plantation culture in Louisiana, based on 500 pages of documentation, a public archaeology project, and ongoing research in oral history and cultural landscape. The tour highlights 250 years of family ownership, the architectural significance of the buildings, and its reliance on agriculture. Emphasis is placed on the plantation’s dependence on slave labor and later the labor of freed African Americans.

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