Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge

1428 Highway 27, Bell City, LA 70630
337-598-2216 | 337-598-2492
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Property Description

* Abundant migratory birds, and fresh marsh are the dominant features of the area.
* Old ricefields have been converted to moist soil management areas utilizing existing levees and pump system.
* Over 45,000 ducks and 10,000 geese at peak populations during the winter months.
* Provides excellent habitat for native wildlife including alligators, furbearers, white-tailed deer, as well as numerous migratory birds throughout the year.

January-February: Snipe hunting.
March 15-October 15: Fishing.
October: Archery deer hunting.
November-January: Youth waterfowl hunting.
January-December: Migratory bird viewing, Pintail Wildlife Drive.
Open sunrise to sunset.