Jefferson Street Townhouse

230 Jefferson St., Natchitoches, LA 71457
318-352-8481 | 800-342-3957
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Property Description

1920s bungalow, pool, gardens, perfect for private parties and weddings, catering kitchen available. Full breakfast, cable TV; walking distance of downtown.


Start out going SOUTHWEST on DECATUR ST toward ST PETER ST. 0.17 mi 0.82 mins Turn RIGHT onto ST LOUIS ST. 0.47 mi 2.17 mins Turn RIGHT onto BASIN ST. 0.43 mi 1.03 mins BASIN ST becomes ORLEANS AVE. 0.07 mi 0.23 mins Merge onto I-10 W toward BATON ROUGE/NEW ORLEANS INT'L AIRPORT. 132.33 mi 128.05 mins Merge onto I-49 N via EXIT 103B toward OPELOUSAS. 127.79 mi 114.40 mins Take the LA-120 exit, EXIT 127, toward FLORA/CYPRESS. 0.42 mi 0.62 mins Keep RIGHT at the fork to go on LA-120 E. 1.04 mi 1.47 mins Turn LEFT onto LA-1. 0.33 mi 0.38 mins Stay STRAIGHT to go onto LA-1 N. 7.79 mi 9.75 mins LA-1 N becomes LA-1-BR N. 2.16 mi 4.07 mins Turn LEFT onto KEYSER AVE/LA-1-BR. Continue to follow KEYSER AVE. 0.29 mi 0.95 mins Turn LEFT onto LA-6-BR/JEFFERSON ST.