A Shrimp Called Pee Wee

Children's Inspirational Story ( Author )
1100 Numa St, Algiers, LA 70114

Property Description

When a new baby shrimp called Pee Wee is born, there is a hush in the sea. His mom and dad are concerned because he is tiny and his whole backside is shiny. The doctors and nurses work hard to save him. Then one day, they realize that something bigger than all of them has changed their sea, the place where they all live and that change is responsible for Pee Wee's unusual problems.


Set on the Gulf Coast right after the devastating oil spill, A Shrimp Called Pee Wee tells a tale of what can happen when disaster strikes. The story of Pee Wee the Shrimp shows how life in the sea was affected by the oil spill in the Gulf, but it shares a story of what it's like to be born a little different than everyone else and how the love of family and friends supports the life of a child with challenges. Join Pee Wee and his family on their adventure in the Gulf.