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These apps tell you where to get fresh Louisiana crawfish, join a local crawfish boil or find a restaurant crawl.
By LouisianaTravel.com Staff
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Freshly boiled crawfish
Freshly boiled Louisiana crawfish.

Explore these apps and websites that put Louisiana seafood and culinary experiences at your fingertips! From the Crawfish Guy to Dishcrawl, you’ll have access to the best of Louisiana’s culinary highlights. You might even join a local crawfish boil and get to know the neighbors.

The Crawfish Guy

This website and mobile app keeps crawfish lovers in the know with the state’s current availability and pricing of fresh Louisiana crawfish! Decide whether you want live, boiled or packaged tail meat then search by zip code, radius, availability, size and price.  The site’s main goal is to keep your crawfish cravings at bay, while supporting local Louisiana businesses selling this vital Louisiana staple. Download the app or search the website for the next catch.


Crawfinder.com is an app that locates the nearest crawfish boil for those craving a mudbug or two, while meeting some new people over a batch of crawfish. Neighbors, restaurants and anyone hosting a public crawfish boil can post the event on Crawfinder.com and open their boil to the world. Find the nearest crawfish boil!


Dishcrawl organizes culinary, social dining experiences in different neighborhoods across New Orleans and around the country.  Focusing on a mix of restaurants, coffee shops, or music venues, participants are introduced to the culinary and cultural experiences that make up unique NOLA. Signing up for the crawl ensures your spot, but they keep the list of restaurants a secret until the tour. They’ll tease your taste buds by posting hints about the tour on Twitter.  Dishcrawl brings together neighborhood restaurants, local chefs, regional food producers and fellow food enthusiasts to enjoy a one-of-a-kind foodie adventure. Explore the upcoming dishcrawl nights.